Network Support

A secure computer network is never static. The threats your business faces are constantly evolving. Your network needs may change as well with the addition of new or upgraded equipment and service offerings. And lastly, networking equipment is under constant evolution as manufacturers attempt to stay abreast of the changing threat environment.

Our network support services are designed to address those changes in two ways.

We will provide support on a time and materials basis for specific changes to your network such as the addition of new equipment, modifying network performance or loss of network functionality.

We also provide a scheduled maintenance package that can be performed on a regular basis. The focus of our scheduled maintenance package is to ensure the continued secure operation of your network. We will make sure that your firmware (the embedded software in your networking equipment) is up-to-date and that everything is still operating properly and providing proper performance and protection.

Once we have upgraded or fine-tuned your existing network, we will sit down with you and discuss the options which make the most sense for your unique situation.


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