Network Assessments

Let’s face it, your ISP’s (internet service provider) responsibility ends with providing you an internet connection. They are not responsible for the security of your data and their router is generally not capable of managing a fully secured business class network.

Yet most small businesses have nothing else in place to protect the security of their data and the result is that the computers on their network (the backbone that connects their computers) are potentially all exposed to the threats prevalent on the internet. In addition, a business may provide WiFi for both employees and customers. If not implemented properly, these WiFi connections allow employees and customers direct access to the same network that the business data is on – thus exposing this sensitive data to attacks that may come through mobile devices.

As the first step In our network security assessment, The Brush Geek will perform a complete physical inventory of all your computers, printers, routers, switches, etc. that are connected to your network. We will map the way in which data moves through your network, identify which computers are mission critical, perform scans of your network to identify exposed areas, and much more. If you have special requirements such as PCI or HIPAA compliance to meet, we will also take those under consideration.

At the completion of this analysis, we will present you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings and containing recommendations on the steps necessary to ensure that your network meets current security standards. In some cases, new hardware may be necessary. In other cases, it may just be a matter of fine tuning your existing network.

The charge for this service is $450 for most small businesses. If your business network is more complicated, additional charges may apply.


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