Email Filtering

E-mail filtering is another layer that makes up a complete data security strategy.

Most attacks on businesses come from two sources, e-mail and internet browsing. It is usually never a direct attack from the outside but rather an attack from the inside launched by clicking on a link on a website or in an e-mail, or opening up an attachment with properly scanning it first.

Cybercrime is big business and the perpetrators today use sophisticated social engineering tactics to encourage an end user to click on a link or open an attachment thereby releasing something inside the computer network.

Generally any e-mail filtering that does occur on most small business e-mails is not sufficient to scan for and prevent these e-mails from arriving in your in-box, especially ransom-ware. A ransom-ware attack could cost a business many dollars in both time and money. Generally speaking, there is no way to recover files that have been encrypted by ransom-ware except by having backups (see information on our backup services here). Given the potential costs and loss to a business from ransom-ware, commercial e-mail filtering is a good investment.

The Brush Geek can help you find and setup the best commercial e-mail filtering solution to meet your needs and stop the attacks before they ever reach your inbox!


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