Computer Maintenance

We all understand how preventative maintenance can ensure the proper operation of our cars, our furnaces and A/C units and other equipment that we use in our daily lives but many times maintenance of our computers is only something we think about when they fail.

If computers are integral to your business, they are an asset you should consider every bit as important as your inventory or revenue producing equipment. Even the most secure network can be compromised by a poorly performing or compromised computer.

Our computer maintenance service will provide the physical maintenance necessary to keep your computers running in optimum condition and identify any warning signs of failure BEFORE it occurs. As a part of our overall security focus, we will also ensure that your computers are virus free, that your firewalls are setup properly, that your software is up-to-date and that there is no software on your computers of questionable nature. We will also ensure that your individual computers are protected and contributing to the overall security of your data.

Our maintenance packages are offered as a periodic scheduled service. Pricing is based on the number of computers in your office as shown in the chart below. We will make every attempt to work around your operating hours to minimize the interruption to your business. Proper maintenance will typically require having access to each computer for 1-3 hours. Preventative maintenance should be performed at least annually although semi-annual maintenance is recommended.


Business Size Number of computers Cost per computer
Small 1 – 5 $110
Medium 6 – 10 $90
Large 11+ Call for pricing

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