Cloud Backup

Systematic backups are one piece of a complete data security strategy for all businesses. Having a current backup can be priceless when disaster strikes and data is lost either due to an attack on the network or a hardware failure.

For many businesses, however, backups are an afterthought that are performed manually and assigned to an employee who already has many duties in their job description. As a result, backups don’t always get done on a regular basis and off-site copies are poorly maintained and are generally out-of-date.

Cloud backups can provide the benefit of an automated service that ensures your data is backed up on a daily basis. Your offsite backup is always current!

The chief concern about cloud backups is whether your information will be secure and available when you need it. The Brush Geek has done the research and has you covered!

The Brush Geek is a re-seller for Livedrive, the fastest growing and top rated cloud storage vendor on both sides of the Atlantic. You can have confidence with the on-line storage company trusted by on-line retailers such as PC World, Dixons, CompUSA and TigerDirect – plus your account and billing will be handled locally by someone you know and trust. With Livedrive, you can trust that your on-line data is secured by military grade encryption.

Livedrive’s desktop software works on Windows and Mac computers. Apps are also available for all Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Competitively priced plans start at $8.00 / month for home or $20 / month for businesses.


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