Providing you peace of mind about the security of your data.

Our mission is to provide businesses peace of mind concerning the security of their data by utilizing leading industry technologies to implement and support computer networks that conform to best practices and meet evolving security threats.

Network Assessments

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Once your business is connected to the internet, your internal network is the only thing between your data and the many threats you face on a daily basis.

The Brush Geek will perform a comprehensive security assessment of your network and provide you with our findings on it’s strengths and weaknesses with recommendations on how to fully secure your network.

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Network Upgrades

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Consumer quality network equipment isn’t designed with business protection in mind.

The Brush Geek will upgrade your network to conform to best practices and meet any regulatory requirements you may have.

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Network Support


Threats are constantly evolving and security standards change!

The Brush Geek provides on-going support for networks to assure their continued compliance and effectiveness in protecting your data.

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Computer Maintenance

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Equally as important as securing the network on which they run, each computer on your network needs preventative maintenance to stay up–to-date.

The Brush Geek’s computer maintenance packages are an affordable way to ensure that your computers are working to their full potential and will keep your data safe.

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Cloud Backup

Even with all the protection in the world, sometimes disaster strikes and you suddenly lose your data. Current backups are the most effective safeguard you can have and don’t always get done when using a manual system.

The Brush Geek can provide your company with an automated, secure and encrypted on-line backup as part of our commitment to the security of your data.

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E-mail Filtering

Email is one of the most common ways in which viruses enter your computer network and most spam filters aren’t able to detect ransomware. E-mail services can scrub your e-mail before reaching your inbox tomake sure that you receive only want you want.

The Brush Geek works with leading providers in e-mail filtering to make sure that malware never reaches your network through e-mail.

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Anti-virus and Anti-malware

Every computer on a network needs to have protection!

The Brush Geek will implement anti-virus and anti-malware protection on your computers that you can trust to stop attacks before they occur.

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Business owners need someone they trust and can turn to for advice on computer and IT related questions.

The Brush Geek provides consulting on general security and network issues based on our experience with other businesses like yours.

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